[OpenSIPS-Users] domain in prepaid scenarios not honoured

samuel samu60 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 12:04:54 CET 2012

The domain is already in the billing_customers table with the corresponding

The problem, as far as I could see, was that in the SQL query retrieving
the customer the domain was not set and only billing_party and gateway, as
states the following line of the log I sent:

billing party=mas at testintern.domain.com, domain=, gateway=X.Y.Z.W

Since only the domain is stored in the customers table is set, the previous
query did not return any value and the callcontrol->cdrtool connection
returned error (which should be changed from the timezone to the customer
not found.)

Thanks a lot for taking a look at it, case you need more infromation, I can
surely provide it.

Best regards,

On 14 February 2012 10:00, Tijmen de Mes <tijmen at ag-projects.com> wrote:

>  Hi Samuel,
> A domain can be defined in the billing_customers table. In your case
> testintern.domain.com <0034123456789 at testintern.domain.com>. You should
> also add the timezone to this domain in the same table.
> If this still does not work, and like you said, the domain is not properly
> split/retrieved from the uri, I've to look deeper in the code why this can
> happen.
> So can you please add the domain and let me know the outcome?
> Best regards,
> --
> Tijmen de Mes
> AG Projects
> On 02/13/2012 05:30 PM, samuel wrote:
> Hi all,
> Recently I was playing with the prepaid functionallity of CDRTool (8.2.3)
> and found out that when the customer is not explicitely defined in the
> field Subscriber, the domain is not looked up.
> I have opensips (1.7.1) with call control application from apt sources
> (2.0.15) and when the following call is sent:
> sent from opensips to CDRTool:
>   MaxSessionTime Duration=36000 CallId=JeJ5LJz8iCXozC1AGxhqoOIliuToIm53
> From=sip:mas at testintern.domain.com Gateway=X.Y.Z.W To=sip
>   :0034123456789 at testintern.domain.com..
> ##
> reply from CDRTool
>   error: cannot figure out the billing timezone.type=prepaid.type=prepaid
> Looking in the syslog we find the right answer:
> Feb 13 17:18:30 cdrtool cdrtool[30106]: Error: no customer found in
> billing_customers table for billing party=mas at testintern.domain.com,
> domain=, gateway=X.Y.Z.W
> Feb 13 17:18:30 cdrtool cdrtool[30106]: error: cannot figure out the
> billing timezone#012type=prepaid
> so it looks like the domain is not extracted from the user part and it is
> not checked in the billing_customers table. The query in the function
> lookupProfiles  (file rating.php) uses $this->dictionary['domain'] as the
> source for the domain but in the prepaid scenario, this parameter hasn't
> got a value. Am I right?
> I've tried to dig further in the code but unfortunately got lost in the
> exportation of the CDR's dictionary to the function that is used in prepaid
> scenarios.
> Is there any option I'm missing? Is it possible to setup just the domain
> in the billing_customers table and not a line foreach prepaid customer?
> Congratulations for the project and thanks in advance,
> Samuel
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