[OpenSIPS-Users] domain in prepaid scenarios not honoured

samuel samu60 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 17:30:23 CET 2012

Hi all,

Recently I was playing with the prepaid functionallity of CDRTool (8.2.3)
and found out that when the customer is not explicitely defined in the
field Subscriber, the domain is not looked up.
I have opensips (1.7.1) with call control application from apt sources
(2.0.15) and when the following call is sent:

sent from opensips to CDRTool:
  MaxSessionTime Duration=36000 CallId=JeJ5LJz8iCXozC1AGxhqoOIliuToIm53
From=sip:mas at testintern.domain.com Gateway=X.Y.Z.W To=sip
  :0034123456789 at testintern.domain.com..

reply from CDRTool
  error: cannot figure out the billing timezone.type=prepaid.type=prepaid

Looking in the syslog we find the right answer:
Feb 13 17:18:30 cdrtool cdrtool[30106]: Error: no customer found in
billing_customers table for billing party=mas at testintern.domain.com,
domain=, gateway=X.Y.Z.W
Feb 13 17:18:30 cdrtool cdrtool[30106]: error: cannot figure out the
billing timezone#012type=prepaid

so it looks like the domain is not extracted from the user part and it is
not checked in the billing_customers table. The query in the function
lookupProfiles  (file rating.php) uses $this->dictionary['domain'] as the
source for the domain but in the prepaid scenario, this parameter hasn't
got a value. Am I right?

I've tried to dig further in the code but unfortunately got lost in the
exportation of the CDR's dictionary to the function that is used in prepaid

Is there any option I'm missing? Is it possible to setup just the domain in
the billing_customers table and not a line foreach prepaid customer?

Congratulations for the project and thanks in advance,
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