[OpenSIPS-Users] dispatcher problem

Matt Hamilton mistral9999 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 2 21:15:12 CET 2012


I'm using Opensips to dispatch to 2 servers - serverA, serverB. When one of the servers is down, Opensips is dispatching to the active one correctly. However, when both of them are Active, it's picking only one of them and ignoring the other; e.g.,

when serverB is down, dispatches to serverA
when serverA is down, dispatches to serverB
when both up, dispatches to serverB
while dispatching to serverA when serverB is down, if I activate serverB, all requests dispatched to serverB  

Here is my code:

modparam("dispatcher", "hash_pvar", "$avp(75)")

in the script, I'm setting $avp(75) to one of the following "061002", "061003", "061004", "061005", "061006" just before calling ds_select_dst.

ds_select_dst("1", "7");

Any ideas why this is happening?

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