[OpenSIPS-Users] Getting Error When Configuring OpenSIPS + FreeRadius`

Ahmed Munir ahmedmunir007 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 13:33:08 CET 2010


I've configured the OpenSIPS version 1.6 (svn version) with FreeRadius
(latest now a days.) and clientradius_ng (latest now a days). The
connectivity with radius server and mysql was successful, as I follow the
steps as mentioned in this link;
http://voiprookie.blogspot.com/2009/04/freeradius-and-mysql.html and book
'building telephony system with openser', (with minor changes like modules
naming convention in opensips v 1.6), Opensips services starts and stops
successfully. A partial opensips.cfg is listed below;

loadmodule "acc.so"
loadmodule "aaa_radius.so"

#--------------------------------Settings For
#modparam("auth_diameter", "diameter_client_host", "localhost")
modparam("acc", "aaa_url",
modparam("acc", "aaa_flag", 2)
modparam("acc", "aaa_missed_flag", 3)
modparam("acc", "aaa_extra",    "User-Name=$Au; \
                                Calling-Station-Id=$from; \
                                Called-Station-Id=$to; \
                                Sip-Translated-Request-URI=$ruri; \
                                Sip-RPid=$avp(s:rpid); \
                                Source-IP=$si; \
                                Source-Port=$sp; \
                                Canonical-URI=$avp(s:can_uri); \
                                Billing-Party=$avp(s:billing_party); \
                                Divert-Reason=$avp(s:divert_reason); \
                                X-RTP-Stat=$hdr(X-RTP-Stat); \
                                Contact=$hdr(contact); \
                                Event=$hdr(event); \
                                SIP-Proxy-IP=$avp(s:sip_proxy_ip); \

The problem I'm facing is when I register my phones (which they registered
successfully) and make a successful call between them, but when I check log
messages I'm getting  only these errors as listed below;

Feb 26 14:47:47 rose /usr/local/sbin/opensips[25988]:
ERROR:aaa_radius:rad_avp_add: failure
Feb 26 14:47:47 rose /usr/local/sbin/opensips[25988]:
ERROR:acc:acc_aaa_request: failed to add Source-IP, 13

And I also check table radacct in mysql database, no records are inserted
into it.

Kindly advise this issue.


Ahmed Munir
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