[Users] Unconditional Call Forward help...

Geir O. Jensen geir.o.jensen at uninett.no
Tue Apr 24 16:36:50 CEST 2007

> You will  need to play with the fr_inv_timer after the call 
> is forwarded.
> You can achieve this by using avps:
> http://openser.org/docs/modules/1.2.x/tm.html#AEN249
Ack. I don't like AVPS :D Further, as you all may have realized, I was
trying to do call forward on busy and not CFU :D ...

As you see I'm not using fr_inv_timer_avp but I would think doing something

modparam("tm", "fr_inv_timer_avp", "$avp(i:99)")

And then in the failure route before t_relay()
	$avp(i:99) = 120;

And it did :D

My next question of course becomes, what happens when this timesout?! As I
said initially I only get one call to failure_route, so apparently when
failure_route fails it just dies?

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