[Users] Unconditional Call Forward help...

Geir O. Jensen geir.o.jensen at uninett.no
Tue Apr 24 16:01:00 CEST 2007

I need CFU on our systems, however - it seems to work but if the forwarded
call isn't picked up within a time limit the system just drops the call.

My script is something like this;

loadmodule "tm.so"
modparam ("tm", "fr_timer", 30)
modparam ("tm", "fr_inv_timer", 10)

	xlog("L_INFO", "Route - $fu $rm $ru");

      (... Some tweaking ...)


failure_route[1] {
      if (!t_was_cancelled()) {
      	xlog("L_INFO","Failure_route[1] - redirect to callcentre");
            seturi("sip:callcentre at localhost");

So what happens is this;
I call a number... After 10 seconds the call "fails" and failure_route is
invoked, whereupon the call is "redirected" to the new uri. It rings for 10
seconds and then the the call is just terminated... (no call to

The log looks like this;
15:30:00 Route sip:usera at localhost INVITE sip:userb at localhost
15:30:10 Failure_route[1] - redirect to callcentre
15:30:20 Route sip:usera at localhost ACK sip:userb at localhost

Any ideas? Typically I would like for the 2dn call to ring indefinitely...

// sip:gojensen at uninett.no | h323: 004710012
   pstn: +47 73 55 79 23   | fax: +47 73 55 79 01 

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