[Users] radius accounting

Victor Gamov vit at lipetsk.ru
Thu Apr 19 22:31:11 CEST 2007

Terry Robert wrote:
> Dear Openser, After some investigation, I discovered that the radius
> accounting behavior is different between openser-1.2.0-tls, and
> openser-1.1.1-tls. Specifically, when running the basic UAS/UAC
> scenario in SIPp, I observe the following:
> 1) Openser-1.1.1-tls - generates 2 accounting start packets, 1
> accounting stop. User-Name, CalledStationId, CallingStationId
> attributes are present.
> 2) Openser-1.2.0-tls - generates 1 accounting start packet, 1
> accounting stop. User-Name, CalledStationdId, CallingStationId
> attributes are missing.

You must use radius_extra parameter to add some useful info into RADIUS 
request. See at

Victor Gamov

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