[Users] Proxy Route Processing

Victor Gamov vit at lipetsk.ru
Wed Apr 18 22:30:03 CEST 2007

Klaus Darilion wrote:
> Victor Gamov wrote:
>> Klaus Darilion wrote:
>> Hi Klaus!
>>> The PRACK is an in-dialog request. There is no need to lookup() for 
>>> in-dialog requests as the route and the destination are already known.
>>> In your case the PRACK looks buggy, as the IP address in the RURI is 
>>> the same as the IP address in the Route header. For loose-router 
>>> in-dialog requests the RURI must be the destination SIP URI (the URI 
>>> in the Contact: header of the INVITE) - 
>> Yes this R-URI coming from INVITE Contact: header
>>> and this URI can't be the IP address of the proxy but must be the IP 
>>> address of the caller.
>> Very strange assertion. If I follow this logic then I cann't start SIP 
>> client on the same IP-address as SIP-proxy.
> You are starting the SIP client on the same PC as the SIP proxy? Then of 
> course it is valid. I was thinking that the SIP client will have another 
> IP address.
> btw: is the problem solved now?

Still no.
I remove loose_route() from my config and everything works fine.

So I still think that I have some misunderstanding of loose_route() 
logic. Or I still needed to reread 3261 again :-)

Victor Gamov

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