[Users] usrloc, presence etc. cleanup rate: OpenSER mysql backend

Bernard Chan bernardchan at mobileclusters.com
Mon Apr 16 06:05:54 CEST 2007


I would like to know how frequently OpenSER are cleaning up stale
records with the mysql backend of various modules? For instance,
active_watchers, location, presentity, watchers etc. mysql tables, or
are stale records automatically removed at all? As I found a row in the
location table with an "expires" date more than a month ago, but was
still not cleaned up today. Or OpenSER takes a different strategy?

This is because we expect to deploy OpenSER on a fairly large network
and we are estimating database size and related overhead, and we are a
bit worry that accumulation of these stale records may increase our
processing costs.

Thank you in advance for any insights.

Bernard Chan.

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