[Users] One way audio problem (Urgent)

kyneoh at dallab.com kyneoh at dallab.com
Wed Apr 11 08:35:06 CEST 2007

Hello all,

Ive been having a problem i cant seem to figure out, and i can see from
various Google and list searches that i havent been the only one having
this, but havent been able to find a solution yet for more than 3 weeks.
Ive a bit frustrate to solve current problem.

Ive got 4 UAs here. User agent A & C & D are located under WLAN, and user
agent B located in the same LAN as SIP server and STUN server.
User agent A & C connected to a restricted NAT that used STUN server to
discover its own public IP.

User agent A & C are mobile phone. (OS : window mobile 5.0)
User agent D is softphone install in laptop. (OS : window XP)

When calls gets sent from Box A to Box C (remote) i get a problem with the
one-way audio(incoming caller can hear my voice, but i cant hear them).
While, calls from Box A to Box D was successful.
Both calls are form the same structure, how come calls work on A to D ???

(A)-----[NAT]-----------[NAT]---------------[SIP Proxy]-----(B)
          |               |
         (C)         [STUN server]

*** SIP server and STUN server have assigned different public IP adress.
SIP server : OPENSER + RTP Proxy in OPENSUSE Linux.
Box A, C : Ageet softphone.
Box B ,D  : X-Lite softphone.

Hope some of you out there are able to help me out a bit, its getting a
bit annoying not being able to hear people calling me.


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