[Users] Serial forking broken wrt dst_uri/path?

Frey, Daniel (external) Daniel.Frey at external.t-mobile.de
Tue Apr 3 11:15:34 CEST 2007


I tried to use append_branch() with dst_uri and path parameters set (and
using set_dst_uri() / set_path_vector() for the first message). It works
well as long as only parallel forking is involved, but when I use
serialize_branches and next_branches and serial forking is required, the
information given in dst_uri and path is discarded. This also seems
obvious when reading the code from serialize.c, which simply doesn't
store it on the contacts[n]-structs. I could add it to the sturct, but
I'm at a loss how to store/retrieve it from the AVP.

Are there any plans to fix this? Or any help on how I can fix it myself?

Regards, Daniel

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