[Users] SIPp and registration

yanlin yanlin at fortinet.com
Tue Apr 3 08:27:17 CEST 2007

Hi, Scott Yagel,

you could find some clues in the file scenario.cpp of sipp project.
there were some embeded scenario scripts in sipp, stored in char* default_scenario[],

you can sent a register sip message by doing this:

"  <send retrans=\"500\">\n"
"    <![CDATA[\n"
"      REGISTER sip:CA.cym.com SIP/2.0\n"
"      Via: SIP/2.0/[transport] [local_ip]:[local_port];branch=[branch]\n"
"      From: ua1 <sip:ua1 at nnl.cym:[local_port]>;tag=[pid]SIPpTag07[call_number]\n"
"      To: ua1 <sip:ua1 at nnl.cym:[local_port]>\n"
"      Call-ID: [call_id]\n"
"      CSeq: 1 REGISTER\n"
"      Contact: sip:ua1@[local_ip]:[local_port]\n"
"      Content-Length: 0\n"
"      Expires: 300\n"
"    ]]>\n"
"  </send>\n"

Yan Lin

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