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Victor Gamov vit at lipetsk.ru
Mon Apr 2 17:27:09 CEST 2007

Henning Westerholt wrote:
> On Saturday 31 March 2007 22:32, Victor Gamov wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> Can somebody explain me how I can fill response with my useful headers?
>> For example, I need to send 305 "Use proxy" response with Contact
>> headers. Is it possible? If so, how can I populate it?
> Hi Victor,
> if i understand your question correctly, the "append_to_reply()" 
> and "sl_send_reply()" methods could help you. You'll find more information 
> about the usage of this functions in the documentation in the project wiki.

Hi Henning!

Yes It's really what I'm looking for! :-)

I remember that I see such function when reading some modules 
documentation but I cann't find it when I really need it :-(

I think that overall list of all modules functions will be very userful. 
It's can be getted from source of modules documentation automatically 
and placed into wiki

Thanks again Henning!

Victor Gamov

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