[Users] OpenSER as outbound proxy with local routing

Siddhardha Garige siddu999 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 2 16:47:42 CEST 2007

Hello all,

I have a special requirement and just wondering if anyone has any Idea about this.

I have 200 sip clients registering to a local VoIP terminator. All phones are provisioned at Terminator proxy.  Currently we  getting billed for local calls too due to messages going all the way to terminator even for local calls. Here is a solution I am thinking of to avoid local call cost.

1. make all phones to register to OpenSER box.
2. OpenSER changes its address to Terminator address and forwards 
    registrations to  VoIP terminator Proxy.
3. When it receives 200OK for the registration it changes address back to itself
    and forwards 200OK to client. With 200OK it stores location for local entry.
4. When an invite arrives at OpenSER it checks for destination in local entries to  
    see if its a locally registered client. If its locally registered client it will route the
    call locally or send to VoIP terminator proxy.

Can this be done with OpenSER? If so can anyone point me to some ref document?

I am a beginner and havening trouble figuring out these issues. Any help is greatly appreciated.


"May the light be with you."
Siddhardha Garige

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