[Users] presence logging....

Helge Waastad helge at smartnet.no
Mon Apr 2 08:19:27 CEST 2007

I'm just wondering if it's possible to turn off logging of some presence
status messages?

I have debug=0

But still I see a lot of:

pr  2 08:06:11 proxy-02 /usr/sbin/openser[28662]: PRESENCE:
generate_ETag: etag= a.1175493921.28662.1 / 20  
Apr  2 08:06:11 proxy-02 /usr/sbin/openser[28662]: PRESENCE:
get_subs_dialog:The query for subscribtion for [user]= xxx,[domain]= yyy
for [event]= presence returned no result 
Apr  2 08:06:11 proxy-02 /usr/sbin/openser[28662]:
PRESENCE:query_db_notify: Could not get subs_dialog from database 
 /32]  08:06:11 proxy-02 /usr/sbin/openser[28662]: PRESENCE:
handle_publish: sip-etag: [SIP-ETag: a.1175493921.28662.1

Is the only way do only have L_ERR filtered in syslog daemon?

br hw

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